Camellia Sinensis tea vs. Coffee

Camellia Sinensis tea vs. Coffee

There is no argument, the three plants that have changed the world are the cacao, camellia sinensis, and coffee (coffea genus – coffea arabica and coffea canephora). The age of discovery for each of these is equally impressive. Chocolate is the oldest having been discovered in pottery from the ancient Mayo-Chinchipe culture from 3000 B.C. (Klein[1]). Following closely behind, popular lore suggests the mythical Chinese Emperor Shennong accidentally discovered tea in 2737 B.C. (Chen[2]). Coffee is the newest, having been discovered in Ethiopia by Kaldi, a goat herder, around 800 A.D. (coffee)[3]. Chocolate has some very impressive health benefits which is why we incorporated Chocolate Rations as a Lager Point Tea Co. product, but today we will focus on Tea and Coffee. We promise to follow-up with a story on Chocolate in a future Blog. The story of how coffee became the drink of choice in the United States has an even greater story that dates back to the Civil War. More about that later as well. 

As a specialty tea company, coffee is still an enjoyable drink at Lager Point Tea Co. but we have reduced our daily consumption by 75% each day and have none after 10:00 AM. We incorporated the benefits from the camelia sinensis, rooibos, chamomile, and other herbs in 2022 after learning about the benefits to vitality and longevity they provide and want to share them with our Lager Point Tea Co. Family.  


Tea from the camellia sinensis has been shown to reduce body weight, alleviate metabolic syndrome, prevent diabetes, and prevent cardiovascular diseases in humans. While it is recognized that a dietary supply of macronutrients is essential for human health, the micronutrients provided in tea are crucial for maintaining brain health. In contrast, deficiency or disturbances can be associated with brain dysfunction and contribute, at least in part, to the pathophysiology of several neurological disorders. Moreover, diet and nutritional status are the most critical modifiable factors regulating the gut microbiota at different time points across the lifespan and under various health conditions (Sci[4]).

 10 Unique Benefits

  • Plant based antioxidant compounds – catechins prevent cellular damage
  • Improves cognitive function – caffeine and L-theanine
  • Helps with fat burning
  • Lowers the risk of some cancers
  • Protects the brain from aging
  • Helps with oral health
  • Helps managing blood sugar
  • Prevents heart disease
  • Weight loss
  • Vitality and Longevity – Medicine for the body


flowering camellia sinensis


Both tea and coffee have benefits to our health; consuming large amounts of coffee can have negative effects on pregnant women. Complications associated with the high consumption of coffee during pregnancy include low birth weight, preterm birth in the first and second trimester, and pregnancy loss (Hey[5]). What we searched for was the effect of coffee on brain-gut health and discovered there has been very little research done on the topic. We have concluded that coffee is safe to drink, but with it being such a complex variable mixture of over 1000 bioactive compounds whose effect may vary according to their origin, processing, bioavailability, and possible synergistic and/or antagonistic effects; we would only recommend the organic version to ensure stability (Iriondo-DeHond et al.[6]).

9 Unique Benefits

  • Boosts energy levels
  • Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Support Brain Health
  • Weight Management
  • Lower risk of depression
  • Protection against Liver Conditions
  • Supports Heart Health
  • Increased Longevity
  • Increased athletic performance

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