Lager Point Tea Co.

At Lager Point Tea Co., it’s not about us. It’s about our customers and our tea. Since many of our customers are either family or friends we love and care about each and every one of you and want to provide you a way to remember us. From Illinois and Tennessee, to Montana, then Virginia, Korea, North Carolina, Alaska, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and everywhere in between; we want to remain a part of the lifelong journey with both our family and our friends. We want to share our passion for quality tea with you so it can be enjoyed any time of the year and any occasion. It is important to us that you receive the highest quality product from us. We want our friends and family to have the opportunity to taste the best tea from around the world at an affordable price. The supply chain and regulations on tea are very cumbersome and have been extremely pleasant to navigate; therefore, our products will continue to be developed and customized to stay aligned with those regulations. We will source at least 80% of our packaging materials from American Made companies and will be transitioning our tea accessories to American hand-made products within the next 6 months.

To begin our journey and purpose at Lager Point Tea Co., we’ve had to source our tea from a couple importers that are able to meet the minimum order requirements of these small farms. After sampling thousands of cups of tea, we have chosen to partner with importers Heather, Jake, and Devan. Both of their companies are industry leading in the tea import community and contribute back to the communities where these farms are located. The United States tea industry wouldn't be where it is today if not for them. We want to thank them for sharing their company's story with us and giving us the opportunity to learn so much about Quality tea. If you’re unfamiliar with loose leaf style tea, we would encourage you to check out the ABOUT TEA page.

Our goal at Lager Point Tea Co. is to also source directly from the Camellia Sinensis farms around the world. It does take a considerable investment to bring in and store the minimum container load from many of these countries. We want to achieve our goal within the next two years but cannot do it without you. We want to be impacting areas of Colombia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, and even the Old Farms by directly sourcing tea from those farmers. Many of these farms have on-site schools and the farmers are working day and night to provide their families with the minimum essentials so we can enjoy quality tea. We want to visit these areas and provide any relief and blessings to these families so that we can share those stories with our family and friends. After all, this is just an upgrade from the original lemonade stand.

Lastly, because it's not about us, we would just like to capture our story. Our 3 boys all had lemonade stands when they were growing up. Lager Point Tea Co. was started in January 2022 by an idea Asher, who is 10 years old, had about selling products he and his daddy created in the kitchen. From an early age, like his brothers Samuel and Jakob, Asher was selling his artwork and lemonade to the neighbors in the neighborhood in Guyton, GA. Asher became interested in learning how to create a website to sell his products and he wanted to set-up a stand at the local Farmer’s Markets around Savannah, GA. Numerous ideas were discussed with the family to include BBQ Sauce, spices and seasonings, apparel, and even stone patio installation before deciding on tea. We wanted to create an opportunity to spend more time together as a family. Asher and his daddy got to work learning everything they could about tea, building websites, taking pictures, and marketing strategies. Asher’s favorite part of the business is getting to smell the aromatic blends of tea we use at Lager Point Tea Co. to ensure you receive the best tea in the market. Samuel, Mara, and Jakob help remotely while they continue supporting and developing business strategies. They play a key role in product selection, and we pray they accomplish everything God has planned for them. Asher and his daddy continue working together in the kitchen, the office, and the lab to ensure every order meets our Quality expectations. We hope that you will contact us if you're ever near the Savannah, Georgia area so we can catch up and we pray you find your purpose and God leads you to a fulfilled life.



We are a Young Entrepreneur, Disabled-Veteran Owned Small Business