Collection: Herbals

Savannah's Best Specialty Tea Company

Our Herbal Tea's are ethically sourced from specialty small farms around the globe to ensure we continue to bring you the quality teas you desire. We have a passion to understand all of the touch points of the tea from the farm to your cup. We will share those stories with you as we continue to pursue perfection with God's leadership. If we discover something that doesn't align with our standards, we will immediately remove the tea from our catalogue. 

Some of the herbals are grown right here at our small farm in Savannah, Georgia. The peppermint and hibiscus (red-sorrel) grows exceptionally well in this climate. Our herbal teas are the most challenging to trace as we use over 35 different herbs throughout our tea blends. We will trace the sources of each of these herbs over the next several years to meet the farmers that are growing the herbs we are steeping.

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