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Herbal Hibiscus

Herbal Hibiscus

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Herbal Hibiscus

The perfect cup of tea, any time of year. Our Herbal Hibiscus blend is a delicious, full-bodied drink that's made with Hibiscus petals, rosehips and Cornflower petals. It's a refreshing way to start your day or end your evening.

Brewing Instructions 
  • Amount: 1.5 tsp (3g) per 8 oz. of water
  • Temperature: 212 degrees rolling boil 
  • Steep Time: 10 minutes
About Hibiscus Herbals

Tangy and tart with a hint of sweetness, the benefits of hibiscus tea include the refreshing and soothing attributes to be enjoyed during hot summer months. Like many of its relatives in the mallow family, Hibiscus is demulcent, coating mucus membranes that can easily be parched in arid climates.

Members of the Hibiscus genus are widely used as food, beverage, medicine, and even for their fibers. Hibiscus has recently gained popularity in the western world due to its benefits for the cardiovascular system and metabolism.


Hibiscus petals, rosehips, cornflower petals


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