Having spent 20 years serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, the goals and objectives to success were clearly defined. After retiring, there was a void felt where the mission was removed. We have now come full circle and our passion and purpose have once again met. We pray your support and that you will join us in our quest. 

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In the military, the key element to success was prioritizing the resources; Men, Machine, Mission.


It has taken 6 years to get refocused back on the Mission.  At Lager Point Tea Co., we have a PASSION for quality tea, clean living, education, and vitality.


Our PURPOSE is to share the stories of Christ through each of our passions while supporting teachers in need and the families of fallen Military and First Responders.


  1. We will place God first.
  2. We will source our products from small farms around the globe to ensure quality, accessibility, and ethical operations are maintained.
  3. We will support academic initiatives within the community.
  4. We will keep our family and our community informed and involved.


  1. Commit to daily prayer for our family, our community, and our country.
  2. Contribute at least 10% of our profits to non-profit organizations that support families of fallen U.S. Service Members and First Responders.
  3. Be completely transparent and available 100% of the time to support our family and our community.
  4. Serve as a company that encourages and supports young entrepreneurship and education in the community. 
  5. Serve and support Veterans, First Responders, and Teachers.
  6. Travel to the tea farms we source our products from.
  7. Create periodic blogs about our discoveries during the research of our passions.

Please keep in mind, it is just us. The good news is God is in charge. We don’t have website developers, marketing agencies, financial advisors, graphic artists, tea sommeliers, or production staff. We will do our best to ensure your experience with our online store is easy. We are constantly learning. Please let us know of any suggestions you may have. 

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Be Blessed,


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