Follow the Money Trail - Tea Party

Follow the Money Trail - Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party Series Review

We spent the last two nights at Lager Point Tea Co. watching the Fox Nation Series, “The Boston Tea Party.” Our Purpose and our Mission after fulfilling God’s plan and purpose is ensuring our family has the knowledge necessary to live abundant lives. The series was 5-stars, the revelation of modern comparisons led to this research.

Overall, the series was 5-star and very authentic in documenting the occurrences of the events from 1773. This was considered to be the beginning of The American Revolution. The comparison of our modern government, 250 years later, is very similar to the British Parliament from 1773.

The Boston Tea Party happened because the British had imposed a tax on tea arriving to the colonies without representation from the colonists and the monopolization of the East India Company [1] to benefit the Members within Parliament. Without confession of being a politician, historian, economist, or lawyer and with no desire to pursue such things; it may be in your best interest to validate the topics discussed below. As a God Fearing, Family Loving, Disabled Veteran - Proud American it is important to share.  

  • REPRESENTATION - Why hasn’t our Representation changed since 1929? There are currently 535 Members of Congress, 100 Senators and 435 serve in the U.S. House of Representatives[2]. In 1929, a law passed in Congress establishing a de facto cap to representation at 435 [3]. In 1941, Congress permanently adopted the “Method of Equal Proportion” to determine how many representatives each state is apportioned based on population[4] which sounds fair until consideration is giving to the American population growth since 1929 has been 16.2%[5]. Weren’t the Sons of Liberty created to ensure the colonists had proper representation within the British parliament?
  • TAXATION AND MONOPOLIESAre companies such as Amazon serving a similar purpose as the ports of Boston, Charleston, and New York did back in 1773? To elaborate, Amazon is forecasting a 4.8X increase in 3P sales from 2018 to 2027 compared to an only 3x increase in 1P sales in the same amount of time[6] and is expecting to have total sales above $1.1 trillion. 3P sales will make up 67% of the overall sales on Amazon in 2027 compared to only 56% in 2018. Where are the increased number of sellers coming from and how much of the profit remains in the United States? That is where the comparisons begin. Amazon is nothing more than an oversized coordination company with warehouses. If we look at the taxation of goods, we could expect there is a collection of tax on the import of the product, and a sales tax on the transaction. In the US, amongst the taxes of goods, there are also road taxes paid, property taxes on the warehouse space, and fuel taxes.  How does a government employee become a multi-millionaire? The only answer we can provide is “Follow the money trail. This is also where we say, support American and buy your tea, accessories, and chocolate from Lager Point Tea Co. Save 10% off Your $50 order with Code "BOSTON"

  • GOVERNMENT INFLUENCE – The Sons of Liberty were fighting against a parliament that was able to have full control and influence on their lives; from the jobs they held, the food and beverages they consumed, and the taxes created from the goods parliament provided. How is that any different than the American Health Society (AHS), US Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the US Department of Human Health (HHS)? In February 1980, the USDA and HHS collaboratively issued Nutrition and Your Health: Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which described seven principles for a healthful diet to help people in making daily food choices [7]. This was otherwise known as the Standard American Diet. Those seven goals from 1980 are below.
    • To avoid becoming overweight, consume only as much energy as is expended; if overweight, decrease energy intake and increase energy expenditure.
    • Increase the consumption of complex carbohydrates and “naturally occurring” sugars from about 28 percent of intake to about 48 percent of energy intake.
    • Reduce the consumption of refined and processed sugars by about 45 percent to account for about 10 percent of total energy intake.
    • Reduce overall fat consumption from approximately 40 percent to about 30 percent of energy intake.
    • Reduce saturated fat consumption to account for about 10 percent of total energy intake; and balance that with polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which should account for about 10 percent of energy intake each.
    • Reduce cholesterol consumption to about 300 milligrams a day.
    • Limit the intake of sodium by reducing the intake of salt to about 5 grams a day.


Without getting into term limit discussions, would the US Government provide free beneficial information that would be useful to the citizens, or did they have ulterior motives hoping to capitalize on the “knowledge” they shared? Why has the average age of those elected officials in Congress been steadily increasing since 1981?

Look in any medical journal and you will discover a year-over-year increase of heart related issues, atherosclerosis, strokes, and cancers. Health care spending, in 1970 was $711 billion (considered for inflation to 2021-dollar value) and increased to $4.3 trillion in 2022[8]. That is a $4.2 trillion increase since the USDA and HHS attempted to tell the citizens what foods they should be consume. Who receives the benefits from this increase in spending? The only answer we can provide is “Follow the money trail.”

In closing, though we gave the Fox Nation series a 5-star rating, the series left us with more questions than answers. The bottom line, we all should have nothing less than the truth and hold our elected officials accountable to disseminating the truth from our officials 

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