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New blend from Guranse Tea Estate, Nepal coming

Green tea has become one of the favorites at Lager Point Tea Co. As we release new products, we will discuss the ingredients and provide our friends and family an opportunity to guess the last ingredient for a free sample testing.

Our Organic Guranse Estate Green Whole Leaf tea from Nepal is great by itself or blended with fabulous organic ingredients. This upcoming week, we are going to release a blended green tea using our Organic Guranse Estate Green Whole Leaf as the base. The plucking is done on a 7 to 8 day round so that the leaf above the table is of even size and only two leaves and a bud are plucked. Plucking starts in the month of April and continues till the end of November, after which pruning and other winter work is done. 

The Guranse Tea Estate is located in the verdant hills of Eastern Nepal in Hile, Dhankuta. The estate is located between 3300 and 7200 feet above sea level. This is probably the highest tea estate in the world producing organic tea. Guranse is NASAA organic certified, JAS certified, and ISO 22000- 2005 certified. 95% of the workers are women and the Company pays the education expenses for several of the workers children and pays for the salary of teachers at the village school. The Company also supports an old person's home that is nearby providing meals, rations, blankets etc.

We are planning on visiting the Guranse Tea Estate in 2023 to better understand how we can contribute and help the families in Hile, Dhankuta. Until then, Asher and his dad will be working hard in the kitchen to perfect the amazing and wonderful tea recipe. Look out for the new recipe.

Vinshanti Mandir Old Age Home


Providing education to the children in Hile

Lager Point Tea Co. products from Guranse Tea Estate.

Organic Guranse FTGFOP1 (Black)


Organic Guranse Estate Green Whole Leaf


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