Primal benefits of Willy Wonka Chocolate

Primal benefits of Willy Wonka Chocolate

Our newly released Willy Wonka Chocolate is a back patio discovery from our Colombian Savannah Black Tea. We use the Savannah black tea from Bitaco as the base. Then we add Peruvian cocoa nibs harvested from the highest grade of Peruvian Criollo cacao beans in the lush and fertile lands of the Amazon Rainforest. We then topped it off with hand scraped Grade A planifolia vanilla seeds.

The dark and decadent cocoa nibs are known as "nature's chocolate chips" and are non-GMO, kosher, certified gluten-free, certified organic, and vegan. The chips add a bold, robust flavor to the Savannah Black tea.

Willy Wonka Chocolate is beneficial to those of us on primal or Keto diets. This can be the treat of the day. Mark Scisson over at Marks Daily Apple further defines the benefits of dark chocolate and Cocoa Nibs summarized below:

  • Contains healthy fats
  • contains lots of polyphenols, particularly flavanols.
  • Consumption is related to lower blood pressure readings.
  • Lowers oxidized LDL and ApoB counts while increasing HDL.
  • Improves beta cell function
  • Therapeutic benefits to fatty liver disease
  • UV resistance

Willy Wonka Chocolate brings a delightful taste that will leave a lasting impression on your lips all day. We trust you will enjoy Willy Wonka Chocolate as much as us or we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Check us out at the Bloomingdale Spring Fling 2022 Pop-up March 12, 2022 at Ellen Claire Soapery

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The primal food pyramid. Revised and updated 2016


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