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At Lager Point Tea Co., we want to keep our family and friends informed about the health benefits of our products. Our Rooibos tea blends use only the highest quality rooibos available on the market and are mixed together with organic berries and herbs to provide the best tasting, most beneficial cup of non-caffeinated tea available on the market, at the most affordable price.

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Rooibos (pronounced “roy-boss) is just a 300-year-old plant native to South Africa that grows in the fynbos biome. In comparison, the Camellia Sinensis is at least 1,000 years old and grows in several regions around the world, including at least 10 tea farms in the United States. Rooibos or Aspalathus linearis, is a broom-like member of the plant family Fabaceae. The fact that rooibos herbal tea is free of caffeine and has a low tannin level in relation to Camellia sinensis tea variations is an enticement to all tea consumers; but the unique phenolic content of rooibos herbal tea may be the link to its health-promoting effects for those seeking to improve their health (Piek, Venter, Rautenback, and Marnewick[1]).

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There has been successful medical studies performed on the benefits of consuming rooibos tea and the effects on the biochemical and oxidative stress parameters in adults at risk for CVD (Marnewick et al[2]). The initial study provided reports on the influence rooibos has on oxidative stress for patients consuming six cups of rooibos for six weeks and confirmed traditional rooibos significantly improved the lipid profile as well as redox status, both relevant to heart disease, in adults at risk for developing CVD. Specifically, the plasma antioxidant capacity not altered, but plasma total polyphenol levels increased significantly after rooibos consumption compared with the control levels. There were also significant decreases in the plasma markers of lipids. The lipid profiles showed that rooibos consumption, compared with the control values, significantly decreased serum LDL-cholesterol and triacylglycerols, while HDL-cholesterol significantly increased. That is a winning formula for something we at Lager Point Tea Co. want to invest in and share with our friends and family.

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Today doctors are more than willing to prescribe medications to treat “bad” cholesterol. So many of our military Brothers and Sisters are prescribed statins that are supposed to assist with that medical prognosis without understanding the long-term effects those statins have on the body. At Lager Point Tea Co., we treat anything that enters our mouth as medicine. The food and beverages we consume have a lasting effect on our daily activities and should have a beneficial value on our overall health. Medicines are only considered when there is substantiated evidence that taking the medicine will increase our overall vitality and longevity. Eliminating those opportunities for anything that prevents us from maximizing our time on Earth are distractors and keeps us from achieving our ultimate Purpose. We hope you enjoy the Rooibos tea offered by our family here at Lager Point Tea Co. the same way we do and receive the same healthy benefits from each cup.  



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